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Tubigrip provides a continuous uniform support

Tubigrip provides firm support for sprains, strains and swelling. The product provides consistent and even compression (5-30mmHg sub-bandage pressure under a double layer). Tubigrip provides more consistent pressure levels across a wide range of limb circumferences compared to latex free elasticated tubular bandages*.

Tubigrip is compliant to the British Pharmacopoeia.

Tubigrip is comformable for a wide range of application

Thanks to its high stretch, Tubigrip provides great conformability. With its choice of 2 colours for patient acceptability, Tubigrip is available in a full range of sizes (11 sizes) to suit most applications.

In addition, Tubigrip is available in a variety of lengths to minimise waste.

Tubigrip is easy to apply and reapply

Tubigrip is:

Easy to use with no need for pins or tapes
Reusable after washing
Easy to cut for different body areas for example torso, arms and legs

KurzbezeichnungSCHLVB TUBIGRIP F 10CM HF 1M
ArtikelgruppenKrankenbedarf, Verbandstoffe, Binden, Verbände, Schlauchbandagen, -binden, -verband
StichworteNetz- und Schlauchverbände
Verpackungsinhalt1 M